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What Hogwarts house will You be sorted into?
Ready Ravenclaw Smart, smart and smart is what you are. You love to learn and you spend most you're time reading. You're creative and witty. Though you probably have more book friends then real friends. You are quiet and a loner. I am not saying you don't have any friends- but you find it harder to make friends then most. The founder is Rowena Ravenclaw.
Some Ravenclaws are:
Luna, Cho, Flitwick, Penelope Clearwater, Michael, Terry Boot, Roger Davies, Padma and Anthony.
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SYLVIA PLATH...........A Great Women Series Profile

Genius. Legend. Feminist Icon. Sylvia is all of these. The tall, beautiful, and sometimes gaunt figure of a Poet captured My imagination When I was in High School. My Senior English teacher asked Me if I had read The Bell Jar after I had mentioned how floored I was at Her amazing poetry. So I was now introduced to Her terse, searing prose, and learned what a well rounded writer is. Her words can cut to the chase like a razor...or create a sensory world to drown in. SADLY... Her idealism was bluffed out of the game of the world's realities AND possibilities by the inner demons She battled. Her Manic highs and bottomless lows revealed the multifaceted paradox that She is.
What I have been given by Sylvia is a gift that no other has given Me. It is best put by the quote in the film Shadowlands, where the character C.S. Lewis (played by Anthony Hopkins) says: "We read to know We are not alone". Sylvia..Thanks for being someone Whose Frame of Reference has given Me strength, understanding, and an added perspective about MySelf. I love You.

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These Un-Expected Gems: A gift from God. ^_^

My Parents ca. 1976


I got a total Gift From God yesterday. Pictures are one of the most favorite things to Me of all. This one gave Me the gift of Dad's smile. :) I love those photo booths. I think that they capture a realness that no other situation allows. A person volountarily gives an impromptu piece of themselves-a statement in black and white. In that booth is born a record whether the subject is "being" silly, happy,serious; whether alone or crammed with others-whatever the subject's situation or mood... it is a small record of uncensored reaction and unguarded informality. Dad...You are the Best! <3

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Lynn Redgrave......Class, Talent, and Spunk : A GREAT WOMEN SERIES SPECIAL

Hey, Folks.....It has been a while. I come back as a Prodigal Blogger to honor Lynn Redgrave. What a rich body of work She has! Here is a list of her works to feast upon (courtesy of IMDB):

"Ugly Betty" .... Olivia Guillemette (1 episode, 2009) - The Butterfly Effect: Part 1 (2009) TV episode .... Olivia Guillemette
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" .... Aunt Emily (1 episode, 2009) ... aka "Law & Order: CI" - USA (promotional abbreviation) - Folie a Deux (2009) TV episode .... Aunt Emily
My Dog Tulip (2009)
Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) .... Drunken Lady at Ball
The Jane Austen Book Club (2007) .... Mama Sky
"Desperate Housewives" .... Dahlia Hainsworth (1 episode, 2007) - Dress Big (2007) TV episode .... Dahlia Hainsworth
"Me, Eloise" .... Nanny (5 episodes, 2006-2007) - Eloise Goes to Hollywood (2007) TV episode .... Nanny - Eloise's Rawther Unusual Halloween (2006) TV episode (voice) .... Nanny - Rather Unusual Halloween (2006) TV episode (voice) .... Nanny - Eloise Goes to School (2006) TV episode (voice) .... Nanny - Little Miss Christmas (2006) TV episode (voice) .... Nanny
Nurses (2007) (TV) .... Peggy Rice ... aka "Philidelphia General" - USA (informal title)
The White Countess (2005) .... Olga Belinskya
Kinsey (2004) .... Final Interview Subject
Peter Pan (2003) .... Aunt Millicent
Charlie's War (2003) .... Grandma Lewis
Anita and Me (2002) .... Mrs. Ormerod
Hansel & Gretel (2002) .... Woman/Witch
The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) (voice) .... Cordelia Thornberry
Unconditional Love (2002) .... Nola Fox
Spider (2002) .... Mrs. Wilkinson
My Sister's Keeper (2002) (TV) .... Helen Margaret Chapman
My Kingdom (2001) .... Mandy
Varian's War (2001) (TV) .... Alma Werfel-Mahler
Venus and Mars (2001) .... Emily Vogel
"Rude Awakening" .... Trudy Frank (55 episodes, 1998-2001) - Altar Ego (2001) TV episode .... Trudy Frank - Dawg Daze Afternoon (2001) TV episode .... Trudy Frank - Blessings and Dead Guys (2001) TV episode .... Trudy Frank - Duck (2001) TV episode .... Trudy Frank - Kiss, Kiss, Kiss... (2001) TV episode .... Trudy Frank (50 more)
How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog (2000) .... Edna
Deeply (2000) .... Celia
The Next Best Thing (2000) .... Helen Whittaker
The Simian Line (2000) .... Katharine
Lion of Oz (2000) (voice) .... The Wicked Witch of the East
"Hallmark Hall of Fame" .... Hon. Judge Nancy Jakes (1 episode, 1999) - A Season for Miracles (1999) TV episode .... Hon. Judge Nancy Jakes
The Annihilation of Fish (1999) .... Poinsettia
Touched (1999) .... Carrie
Different (1999) (TV) .... Amanda Talmadge
Strike! (1998) .... Miss McVane ... aka "The Hairy Bird" - Australia, Canada (English title) (working title)... aka "All I Wanna Do" - USA (new title)... aka "Girl Power" - Belgium (English title) (DVD title)
White Lies (1998) (TV) .... Inga Kolneder
Gods and Monsters (1998) .... Hanna
Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan (1997) (TV) .... Monica Brannigan
Toothless (1997) (TV) .... Rogers
Shine (1996) .... Gillian
Calling the Shots (1993) (TV) .... Maggie Donnelly
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1991) (TV) .... Jane Hudson ... aka "What Ever Happened to...?" - USA (alternative title)
Jury Duty: The Comedy (1990) (TV) .... Abby Greyhouwsky ... aka "The Great American Sex Scandal" - USA
Silent Mouse (1990) (TV) .... Narrator
"Chicken Soup" .... Maddie Peerce (12 episodes, 1989) - Almost Father Jackie (1989) TV episode .... Maddie Peerce - Bea Moves Out (1989) TV episode .... Maddie Peerce - Take My Kids, Please (1989) TV episode .... Maddie Peerce - Double Date (1989) TV episode .... Maddie Peerce - The Reservation (1989) TV episode .... Maddie Peerce (7 more)
Midnight (1989) .... Midnight
Getting It Right (1989) .... Joan
"Screen Two" .... Pauline Williams (1 episode, 1989) - Death of a Son (1989) TV episode .... Pauline Williams
A Woman Alone (1988) (TV) .... The Woman
Tales from the Hollywood Hills: The Old Reliable (1988) (TV) .... 'Bill' Shannon ... aka "The Old Reliable" - USA (short title)
Morgan Stewart's Coming Home (1987) .... Nancy Stewart
"Hotel" .... Audrey Beck / ... (2 episodes, 1983-1986) - Restless Nights (1986) TV episode .... Audrey Beck - Relative Loss (1983) TV episode .... Cathy Knight
My Two Loves (1986) (TV) .... Marjorie Lloyd
Walking on Air (1986) (TV) .... Mrs. Hepp ... aka "Wonderworks: Walking on Air" - USA (series title)
The Bad Seed (1985) (TV) .... Monica Breedlove
"Murder, She Wrote" .... Abby Benton Freestone (1 episode, 1984) - It's a Dog's Life (1984) TV episode .... Abby Benton Freestone
"The Fainthearted Feminist" (1984) TV series .... Martha (unknown episodes)
"Fantasy Island" (2 episodes, 1982-1984) - To Fly with Eagles/The High Cost of Living (1984) TV episode - Everybody Goes to Gilley's/Face of Fire (1982) TV episode
"Teachers Only" .... Diana Swanson (21 episodes, 1982-1983) - Loss of Innocence (1983) TV episode .... Diana Swanson - Dead Mice Don't Wear Plaid (1983) TV episode .... Diana Swanson - It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To (1983) TV episode .... Diana Swanson - Leather and Lace (1983) TV episode .... Diana Swanson - Beetlemania (1983) TV episode .... Diana Swanson (16 more)
Antony and Cleopatra (1983) (TV) .... Cleopatra
"The Love Boat" (1 episode, 1982) - Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered/The Anniversary Gift/Honey Bee Mine (1982) TV episode
"CBS Afternoon Playhouse" .... Sarah Cotter (1 episode, 1982) - The Shooting (1982) TV episode .... Sarah Cotter
Rehearsal for Murder (1982) (TV) .... Monica Welles
"House Calls" .... Ann Anderson (41 episodes, 1979-1981) - Son of Emergency (1981) TV episode .... Ann Anderson - Doctor Soloman and Mister Hide (1981) TV episode .... Ann Anderson - The Yes Man (1981) TV episode .... Ann Anderson - Bradley's Brat (1981) TV episode .... Ann Anderson - The Sex Police (1981) TV episode .... Ann Anderson (36 more)
Steve Martin's Best Show Ever (1981) (TV) .... Mrs. Kendal
Musical Comedy Tonight II (1981) (TV) ... aka "Sylvia Fine Kaye's Musical Comedy Tonight II" - USA (complete title)
Linda in Wonderland (1980) (TV)
Sunday Lovers (1980) .... Lady Davina (segment "An Englishman's Home")
The Seduction of Miss Leona (1980) (TV) .... Miss Leona de Vose ... aka "To Love Again" - USA (reissue title)
Gauguin the Savage (1980) (TV) .... Mette Gad
Beggarman, Thief (1979) (TV) .... Kate Jordache
Sooner or Later (1979) (TV) .... The teacher
"Centennial" .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe (12 episodes, 1978-1979) - The Scream of Eagles (1979) TV episode .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe - The Winds of Death (1979) TV episode .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe - The Winds of Fortune (1979) TV episode .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe - The Crime (1979) TV episode .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe - The Storm (1979) TV episode .... Charlotte Buckland Seccombe (7 more)
Disco Beaver from Outer Space (1978) (TV) .... Dr. Van Helsing ... aka "National Lampoon Presents Disco Beaver from Outer Space" - USA (alternative title)... aka "National Lampoon's Disco Beaver from Outer Space" - USA (alternative title)
"Kojak" .... Claire (1 episode, 1976) - A Hair-Trigger Away (1976) TV episode .... Claire
The Big Bus (1976) .... Camille Levy
The Happy Hooker (1975) .... Xaviera Hollander
Daft As a Brush (1975) (TV)
The Turn of the Screw (1974/I) (TV) .... Miss Jane Cubberly
"Vienna 1900" .... Berta Garlan (1 episode, 1974) - The Spring Sonata (1974) TV episode .... Berta Garlan
"BBC Play of the Month" .... Eliza Doolittle / ... (2 episodes, 1971-1973) - Pygmalion (1973) TV episode .... Eliza Doolittle - A Midsummer Night's Dream (1971) TV episode .... Helena
The Shape of Things (1973) (TV)
"ABC Afterschool Specials" .... Various Characters (1 episode, 1973) - William: The Life, Works and Times of William Shakespeare (1973) TV episode .... Various Characters
The National Health (1973) .... Nurse Sweet/Nurse Betty Martin
Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972) .... The Queen ... aka "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex" - USA (short title)
Every Little Crook and Nanny (1972) .... Nanny
¡Viva la muerte... tua! (1971) .... Mary O'Donnell ... aka "Don't Turn the Other Cheek" - USA
Last of the Mobile Hot Shots (1970) .... Myrtle
The Virgin Soldiers (1969) .... Phillipa Raskin
"A Touch of Venus" (1968) TV series
"Love Story" .... Mary Downey (1 episode, 1968) - The Egg on the Face of the Tiger (1968) TV episode .... Mary Downey
Smashing Time (1967) .... Yvonne
"Armchair Theatre" .... Caroline / ... (4 episodes, 1963-1967) - I Am Osango (1967) TV episode .... Ivy Toft - What's Wrong with Humpty Dumpty? (1967) TV episode .... Caroline - Pretty Polly (1966) TV episode .... Polly Barlow - Power and Glory (1963) TV episode
The Deadly Affair (1966) .... Virgin (segment "Macbeth")
Georgy Girl (1966) .... Georgy
"Comedy Playhouse" .... Sheila (1 episode, 1966) - The End of the Tunnel (1966) TV episode .... Sheila
Sunday Out of Season (1965) (TV) .... Elaine
Girl with Green Eyes (1964) .... Baba Brennan
Tom Jones (1963) .... Susan, Upton Inn

Lynn, of course, is sister to Vanessa Redgrave and aunt to Natasha Richardson.

Lynn and Vanessa. (Lynn on the right.)

Lynn and Vanessa: Both Acting Greats in Their Own Right- both from a Rich and Respected Acting Dynasty!

Lynn and Niece Natasha Richardson. :)

Lynn.......Love You- and Thanks. ♥

Note: All photos were posted from the internet.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eunice Kennedy Shriver-A great Hero : GREAT WOMEN SERIES

Eunice Kennedy Shriver's influence has no bounds. Her work and activism on behalf of those Who would probably not have received it otherwise cannot be quantified. When Her brother-My Hero President John F. Kennedy was President, She was a major influence in His being the First President to really shed light and cast awareness on the plight of Mentally Challenged People. Eunice, Your efforts are so Christ-Like. You are A HERO to Me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julie & Julia-Review # 11

Julie & Julia is a film that is first and foremost about Love, I think. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart said: "Neither a Lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of Genius. Love, Love, Love-That is the Soul of Genius". Julia Child needed to find a passion-a love in Paris at the close of WWII. Her husband is certainly the most important person in Her world, but She needed something to occupy her. Childless and frustrated, She tried her hand at millinery among other things. But when Julia Child decided to tangle with the Boys in a competitive cooking class (in which the competition was made more stiff due to the population of returning soldiers-and a contrary school head), She learned more than She even did before that SHE LOVES FOOD!!!! She found her niche and Her passion. Unpolished as She was, Her status as a meticulous authority and author of her famous book(s) is legendary. Nothing less than a "cooking/food/taste scientist", She wanted to create something that would open up the exclusive world of French Cooking/Cuisine up to English speaking (mostly American) Housewives more than it had ever been. She developed the expert feel for this art with much research and hard work. She could be curt and authoritative, but She had earned that right. This fascinating story of Child's is paralleled and intertwined with the story of Julie Powell-a woman with a government job and a need to follow through with something-anything. A suggestion from Her Husband to start a blog becomes a mission to stay focused. But then it becomes so much more. Her Love for food leads her to invite the blogging world (at the very least the readers that followed Her) to read Her blog entries each day for a Year as She determined to go through and complete each recipe in the Most famous book of Julia's-Mastering The Art of French Cooking. She gave an honest account of Her Triumphs and Melt-Downs in this Year-Long quest. Her blog gained a faithful following. This kind of intertwining of two People's lives in a film screenplay is kind of similar to what was done in another Film -The Hours(based on the astonishing novel of the same title), but the difference is that this story of Child and Powell being intertwined is based on the TRUE story of Child's and Powell's as She completed each recipe in Child's Book. That gives a satisfying aspect to the film from the get-go.
First of all, Streep is NEVER less than a Revelation. Her perfection as an actress knows no bounds(Meryl Streep also stars in The Hours) . From mimicking Child's distinctive voice and nailing just about any other of Child's famous and recognizable idiosyncrasies to Her adept comic timing, Streep fills the role of Child unsurprisingly with flair and a comedic zing that is delightful. Stanley Tucci as Paul Child is in good form. There is a nice, warm chemistry between Streep and Tucci. They have worked together before, of course, but I think that this is their finest film together. Amy Adams as Powell is DELIGHTFUL. There is something always gentle and inviting about Adams. She definitely brings the Film along with Her own formidable talent. She, too is hilarious in many scenes. That is one thing that I LOVE about this movie. The important Historical themes and issues along with Philosophical ones of this film are rich-and the comedic parts of this film are MANY and really frost the cake. Streep is always so subtle and understated as an actress with dramatic elements that one feels the wallop without being beaten over the head with them. (A scene dealing with Child's sister announcing by Post that She is expecting a child-and the issue of Child not having any children is a case in point.) Yes-the acting is fabulous. The Prodigious talent of Nora Ephron as a Writer, Producer, and Director is again Manifest in this film. It is excellent work all the way around. (Ephron teamed with Julie Powell to write the screenplay based on Powell's book of the same title-along with using info. from Bios of Child.) Costuming is GREAT. I see maybe an Oscar nod for Ann Roth in that category! I, of course, won't be surprised to see Streep and maybe even Adams nominated. Nice Stuff. So Yeah. Love. The most touching aspect of the film is the Love that Julie Powell feels for Child-this woman that She felt so akin to-Her cooking Sensai in a BIG way (Even though it was just through Julia's recipe/instruction books). Both women-so thorough and precise-this teaching all that One can be thorough and precise no matter their circumstance; That one can acheive excellence despite drawbacks. It takes just the will, the desire, the FOCUS.......THE LOVE. Do Your Homework. Pick what You LOVE and do it. You will never be sorry-and LOVE the journey finding what that is no matter how long that takes. I give this film 3.5 out of 4 stars.
Thanks, Kazzy for a Kaz-Tastic time! :-)